Melbourne & VIC Refrigerated Shipping Container Hire

If you need a Refrigerated container for a short period of time, or you just don’t want to commit to purchasing a container and making an upfront investment, our leasing options offer the perfect solution for you. Whether you need to store food and drinks in a temperature controlled environment for use at an event or pop-up food stall, or you need to transport temperature sensitive items across road, rail or sea, our refrigerated containers available for hire will be ideal for you. Get a quote from Shipping Containers for Sale Melbourne now. 


Refrigerated Shipping Container Sizes

The refrigerated containers we stock at Shipping Containers Melbourne come in two sizes. Our smaller size is 20ft (6m) in length, 8ft (2.4m) wide and 8.5ft (2.5m) high. Our larger container offers a full 40ft (12m) of length, 8ft (2.4m) of width and 8.5ft (2.5m) of height. Our refrigerated containers offer the perfect solution for transporting or storing meats, cheeses, dairy seafood, fruits, flowers, vegetables and other temperature sensitive items for short or long term periods. 

Refrigerated Shipping Container Quality and Pricing

Every container we stock at Shipping Containers Melbourne is constructed with the highest quality Corton steel and is made to be durable and robust even in the toughest conditions. Our refrigerated containers are no exception. The containers we have available for hire have marine grade converters to keep your goods fresh and temperature controlled between -20 and +20 degrees Celsius. Similarly, they boat 70mm of polyurethane insulation for added peace of mind. They can also be washed and flushed, so hygiene standards are extremely high and food safety is guaranteed when you hire with us. Rest assured knowing your goods are safe from extreme external temperature changes and secure inside one of our high quality containers. 

Refrigerated Shipping Container Delivery and Supply

Wherever you’re located in Melbourne or Victoria, we’ll strive for same day dispatch on all containers. We ship directly to your door, Australia wide so there’s no need to organise any special delivery or pickup arrangements. In fact, we handle all delivery plans! Once you’ve decided to hire from us, one of our friendly team will be in contact to discuss the most efficient and cost effective delivery method for your site. Once you finish using the container, we’ll organise pick up, too. As long as there’s a flat surface for the container to sit on, we guarantee hassle-free, convenient and seamless delivery and pick-up – simple!

2 Refrigerated Shipping Container Sizes to Choose From

Whether you‘re buying or hiring, our general purpose shipping containers come in three sizes: 20ft, 40ft – new or used!

20ft Containers

Our 20ft refrigerated shipping containers are made with strong Corten steel, offer thick wood flooring and high quality insulation. They make it easy and convenient to keep store temperature sensitive items in an actively controlled temperature environment. 

40ft Containers

40ft refrigerated shipping containers are useful tor people requiring a temperature controlled container for a larger stock of goods. It’s perfect for long term storage and shipment, or for pop up space during busy periods. Store meat, cheese, fruits, vegetables, flowers and more.

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We offer the very best deals on new and used shipping containers, as well as shipping containers available for hire. Great prices and fast deliveries to you door, anywhere in Melbourne and Victoria.

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