Kitchenette Container Modifications

Container conversions are becoming increasingly popular options as a way of creating or saving space in the home or in business. A kitchenette is one of the most common container conversions, allowing extra living space for the home or providing ideal solutions to worker lunchrooms and staff meeting areas.

Types and Sizes

Depending on your unique desires, the conversion of a container into a kitchenette you create can be as big or as small as you need. Only need a small kitchen for heating up lunches and washing dishes? Maybe you’ll choose the smaller, 10ft container option. Need a larger kitchen space for catering or an event? Select the 20ft or 40ft option and achieve a more spacious kitchen area. The possibilities are practically endless. All you’ll need to do is select your base container and then choose the modifications you want to make. These would typically include plumbing installation, a power source, adequate flooring to add aesthetic value and comfort, sink addition, counter-top installation, appliance installation, air conditioning fit-out and doors/windows for ventilation.

Quality and Prices

Constructed from high quality Corton steel, our containers are built to stand the test of time. Even the craziest of cooks will enjoy the quality and durability that we guarantee with our containers. Along with this durability is flexibility. The container kitchen you design or purchase is totally mobile if built on a chassis instead of a concrete base. This means it can be simply packed up and transported to another destination, re-connected to services and ready to use again. It’s that easy! 

Delivery and Supply

We boast Australia wide shipping, so whatever your location – Inner Melbourne or Greater Victoria – we can deliver directly to your door. We strive for impressive delivery speeds and can usually dispatch same day. Just chat to one of our friendly team and we’ll help organise the most cost effective, practical and safest delivery option for your site and access restrictions. It’s that simple!

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