New and Used 20ft Shipping Containers for Sale and Hire

Shipping Containers For Sale Melbourne has a range of 20ft containers available for immediate purchase or hire. We have new and used containers in a multitude of configurations so whatever your unique storage, transportation or modification desires, we’ll have something for you. Whether you want to hire a 20ft refrigerated container to store food for an event, purchase a 20ft dangerous goods container to safely transport hazardous materials, or hire a 20ft flat rack container to transport overweight and oversized items securely and efficiently, we’ve got what you’re looking for. Our 20ft containers are also perfect for modification so whether you want to create a granny flat, site office or swimming pool we can help.


Buying New

Our range of brand new containers is sure to satisfy your unique needs. If you’re looking for a container in perfect condition for use on your site, modification, brand exposure or personal storage, we’ve got what you need. See the information below to find out more about our range and the specific configurations that we have on offer.

Types and Sizes

Our 20ft containers come in standard or high cube format. The standard format measures 20ft (6m) in length, 8ft (2.4m) in width and 8.5ft (2.5m) in height. If you opt for the high cube configuration, you can expect an extra 30cm of internal height – for added storage room without additional space consumption. We stock a wide range of 20ft containers that fulfil a number of user needs easily and efficiently. If you’re looking to buy new 20ft containers, we’ve got general purpose, high cube, dangerous goods, refrigerated, insulated, open top, bolster and flat rack containers available for use straight away. Prefer a more affordable price while still receiving impeccable quality? Maybe a used container is for you. Our range of used containers includes general purpose, high cube, dangerous goods, refrigerated, insulated, bolster and flat rack containers that are cargo worthy and ready to be used right away. If you’d prefer to hire a container for as little as one month with no commitment then we’ve got general purpose, high cube and refrigerated containers that would be perfect for you.

Quality and Pricing

Every shipping container we own is manufactured from the highest quality Corton steel and is built to last. Our robust, durable and secure containers are weather resistant, waterproof and vermin proof and if you choose to buy a used item, refurbished to a cargo worthy standard – so they’re ready to use, right away. Some of our containers come with different features, like our refrigerated container that comes fully insulated and with full temperature control between -20 and 20 degrees Celsius, or our dangerous goods containers that come fitted with drainage points for easy cleaning and ventilation for added safety. Given the vast range of containers available, it may be useful to chat to one of our helpful team members today and discuss which option is best for you! 

Delivery and Supply

Whether you’re in Geelong or St Kilda, Shipping Containers For Sale Melbourne will have the perfect option for you. We ship to any location in Melbourne and Victoria. In fact, we ship Australia so wherever you’re located, we can arrange delivery directly to your door. Simply ensure you have a flat surface to place the container on and we’ll handle the rest, selecting the best delivery method for your specific site and restraints. We can even organise pickup for leasing customers once you no longer require your container. It’s that easy! For more information or to get a price guide contact the friendly team at Shipping Containers For Sale Melbourne today, or submit a quote request form above and we’ll get back to you right away.

New and Used Shipping Containers for Sale and Hire

We offer a diverse inventory of shipping containers for sale to best match your uses and plans.

Here are the types of shipping containers you can purchase now:


General Purpose

General purpose shipping containers are the most well-known and recognised containers in use today. Used to transport goods and cargo by sea and land, they‘re strong, watertight, and incredibly durable.

High Cubes

High cube shipping containers are similar to standard, general purpose shipping containers, and offer all the same strength, durability and security. Their difference lies in the extra height they offer a whole extra loot.

Side Opening

Side opening shipping containers are modified containers that make it easier to access your goods and stored items via additional doors positioned on the side. They come standard in a 20 foot size.


Refrigerated shipping containers are ideal to transport and store goods that require reliable temperature-controlled facilities When shipping or storing meat, cheese, dry or seafood, a refrigerated container is a must-have


Unlike refrigerated containers, which have a power source and controlled temperature range, insulated containers rely on their insulation properties to maintain a steady temperature throughout.

Dangerous Goods

Dangerous goods containers are a must have if your company needs to store potentially hazardous goods The strong, durable,
weatherproof and secure features of shipping containers protect all sorts ot items

Open Top

Open Top containers come with a removable tarpaulin roof and roof bows that run across the width of the container as well as a movable door header (,ie, the structural beam over the doors.)

Flat Rack

For heavy loads like pipes or machinery that need loading from the top or sides. Flat Rack containers come in collapsible and non-collapsible formats with or without walls.

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